STORM Anthology

storm cover Recently, I’ve completed a short story for publication in the Pretoria Writer’s Group’s STORM Anthology. It’s due to come out next month, as far as I’m aware. I will keep this site posted.

I’ve also done two interviews with regard to this anthology, and will link them to this site as well. Their questions made me think quite a lot regarding the craft of writing, and my perceptions on writing. I’ve not considered writing short stories with any seriousness before, but found myself liking the format. I could experiment with story ideas that I felt were not strong enough to carry a novel, but still warranted the story treatment. I also learned quite a bit, and found the process as a whole beneficial.

I am already committed to at least one more short story for a fellow¬†Pretoria Writer’s Group member, Natalie Rivener, and will definitely be writing and publishing a few more.

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