Storm Anthology book signing

storm cover

Tomorrow is the book signing for the STORM Anthology at Rooihuiskraal Library in Centurion. I’ve been asked to read a portion of A Girl Called Storm. Good thing there will be sherry.

This is a bit of a first for me. I’ve done some public appearance gigs in the past (including performing as a front man for a band for a glorious year) so I won’t be nervous about the public speaking part, but I do have some reservations with regards to reading out loud something I’ve written. We’ll see how it goes, the show must go on, right?

As I often mention, all authors feel paradoxical about their work at any time. On the one hand, you really love your work and what you’ve accomplished, because you know how much work went into it. On the other hand, you are convinced that this piece of… writing is the worst atrocity committed to the English language and must be purged from human conscience. What will happen if the only remnant of our doomed civilization that is found by alien archaeologists in the distant future is your writing? Writers feel both those feeling about their writing simultaneously, I can assure you.

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