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Arc Angels and Inner Demons

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Arch Angels and Inner Demons cropped2I’ve been asked to present a workshop for a local group called Word Count 012. These events are always entertaining, because, as you might expect, it causes situation that allows for a bunch of writers to be in the same room allowed and be able to talk about their passion freely. Where else can you overhear a conversation along the lines of “so that’s when the pale nubile boy is masticates by the half-cat chimera, while everyone watches on” without needing to be booked in first. Writers are the most interesting people on the planet, well, to other writers at least. It’s where the writer can talk about what titillates her without suffering the stares of the uninitiated.

I have another reason to present this workshop; as a facilitator, I took very seriously the words of Stephen Covey, when he proposed that learning should be done with the intention to teach. I merely took that maxim to the next rational step. I am currently in the process of entering the academic sphere, so I find facilitating workshops invaluable in developing my own expertise, as a lecturer and as a writer.  Everything I mention in the workshop I attempt to implement in my own writing.

Lastly, it offers me an opportunity to meet new people in the industry, and have them meet me. A writer, who is a natural recluse, needs every opportunity he can get to out there and meet actual human creatures, lest he lose whatever tenuous grasp he may have had on normal behavior. Announcement

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

HMS Dauntless cropped

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my readership and what they want out of my Author Page. Do the care about the craft of writing or do they just want to know about the stories?

How do I approach author sites? I realized that I generally don’t, because they tend to be boring and advertise-y.  I’ve looked at authors I follow on Twitter and Facebook and what they get up to on there. It’s a real mixed bag. Some tend to talk about whatever interest them, and that makes them interesting, such as Neil Gaiman’s Twitter feed and Anne Rice’s Facebook page. Others, who will remain nameless, focus on trying to sell their work. I unsub those pretty quickly.

What do I want from my page? I want what I can’t get from those other pages; I want an interesting author page that’s not all about me (the irony is not lost on me). I want to provide information that my readers will want to read whilst giving readers the opportunity to maybe pick up advance copies of my work or links to where they can be found.

So this is what I’m going to do about it. I’m going to split my page into two separate websites. First, is the Author Page, Here I will focus on what’s happening in my genre, what’s happening with my career, and posting reviews of fiction that I’ve consumed.

The second site, is going to be all about the details of crafting fiction and being an author-entrepreneur. Here I will write about the organization, craft, and marketing of fiction, and reviewing books that fall into those categories.

Of course, the pages will be cross linked, so if you are interested in both facets, then by all means, subscribe to both. I’ll keep the content separate, so no “Heeeey my new short-story has been published by Granta Literary Magazine” on the DauntlessWriting mailing list and no “Greatest Techniques for Creating Compelling Antagonist’s Aunt’s Pets: Specifically Homicidal Mantis Shrimp and Sundry” on the author page side of things. (I kind of want to write that guide now).

This does mean that some of my previous posts will now disappear from the Author Page, in order to deliver on this plan. But Noli desperare fili, they will be back online at their new home at Dauntless.


Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

metalocus_film_noir_cropped“Solitude is the soil in which genius is planted, creativity grows, and legends bloom; faith in oneself is the rain that cultivates a hero to endure the storm, and bare the genesis of a new world, a new forest.”
― Mike Norton, White Mountain

It’s not with fanfare that a journey greatness starts. It’s with a little realisation, a small thought in the back of your mind that jiggles it all into motion. A little innocuous question: “How am I different from the Greats?”

The little voice answers, so softly that it’s easy to ignore. All you had to do is listen. It’s hard to believe, I know. I didn’t, not for a long time. Oh what fool is man. Can you guess what the little voice said?

He said, his voice unafraid, unabashed, nearly a whisper:


They were men an women, human just like me. Just like you. We have advantages that they never dreamed of, and we have challenges that they could not conceive. However, on a baseline level, when you get to the core of the matter, we are no different to those who we call great.

This website, which will contain this blog, is my sounding board to the universe. If you find value here, enjoy it, by all means. Make it yours, I give it freely. I am by no means a great person, and I cannot give myself that title in any case, but that does not mean I will not strive for it. In each person there is potential, how much of it can be borne to fruition? In my case I know for a fact that I have wasted so much time on trivial nonsense, convincing myself to take it easy. As a result, the outputs I have delivered have been mediocre at best, and abysmal at worst. This is my diary, my exam pad, my marketing brochure, my biography of my writing career.

This also the first post, on a lovely random Tuesday. I’ve got steady plans for this site, and great plans for my professional writing career.