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A Girl Called Storm review

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

A girl called storm cropped

I’ve been informed that A Girl Called Storm got a great review on Goodreads, so I hopped over there and had a look. It was more than a great review, it was unbelievable! It’s not often that you get a five star review, but this one had relevant analysis in it. This is a great compliment to the piece in that, firstly, she read it and then liked it, and secondly, she liked it enough to go through the trouble of analyzing it.

This, to me, means that the reader has a reasonable background in literature and is in the habit of providing concise but in depth insight to authors and prospective readers. This is the most valuable input a reviewer can give to a piece or to an author, because it encourages the growth of the entire industry as a whole. An author that receives such a review would be encouraged to write more, the reader will be encouraged by the review and buy more. This turn of events also encourages writers to write more again, and so forth, thus causing an upward spiral for everyone involved. All because a reviewer showed her enthusiasm for literature.

I don’t know the reviewer. Apparently she lives in Cape Town or Durban, somewhere coastal anyway. I have had a peek around the web to see if she’s hanging around the public domain, she’s not, so that precludes my endeavors to return the favor. Alas, I’d have to settle for taking on her review style and post some reviews of my own on the relevant sites, to also be a part of the upward spiral.

I’ve not received a negative review on the piece as of yet, but have received plenty of that in the past on other works. Negative feedback is still valuable feedback, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was as constructively written as this review had been? Even the one and two star reviews that I’ve received was valuable to me as the author, but how many people can look at naked criticism day in and day out and have the will to continue creating art? I understand that many authors just do not look at reviews at all, especially the ones from Internet based outlets, and that’s fair enough. I am personally finding it hard enough to squeeze enough time out of a day to get everything that I need to get done, done and have time to write. Where will I find time to scrutinize someone’s opinion on the online forum?  I do it. I do it because I care. I care about my work and I care about my readership. If they are unhappy about a facet of my writing I’d like to know about it in order for me to improve.

So here’s to the crux of the matter. I thank that reviewer for the glowing review. I will endeavor to pay it forward by reviewing the books that I appreciated as constructively as you did for the good of the industry. One good turn deserves another. Even if I am disappointed in the book, I will endeavor to review it constructively. I will use this method to learn about the craft of writing from those authors, by looking at what works and what doesn’t.

All in all, it falls to the readership and the authors to foster and grow the industry of literature. By loving books, we can help more great books to appear.