Arc Angels and Inner Demons

Arch Angels and Inner Demons cropped2I’ve been asked to present a workshop for a local group called Word Count 012. These events are always entertaining, because, as you might expect, it causes situation that allows for a bunch of writers to be in the same room allowed and be able to talk about their passion freely. Where else can you overhear a conversation along the lines of “so that’s when the pale nubile boy is masticates by the half-cat chimera, while everyone watches on” without needing to be booked in first. Writers are the most interesting people on the planet, well, to other writers at least. It’s where the writer can talk about what titillates her without suffering the stares of the uninitiated.

I have another reason to present this workshop; as a facilitator, I took very seriously the words of Stephen Covey, when he proposed that learning should be done with the intention to teach. I merely took that maxim to the next rational step. I am currently in the process of entering the academic sphere, so I find facilitating workshops invaluable in developing my own expertise, as a lecturer and as a writer.  Everything I mention in the workshop I attempt to implement in my own writing.

Lastly, it offers me an opportunity to meet new people in the industry, and have them meet me. A writer, who is a natural recluse, needs every opportunity he can get to out there and meet actual human creatures, lest he lose whatever tenuous grasp he may have had on normal behavior.


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