This is the author page of Richard T Wheeler, a struggling writer compulsively interested in everything. I am yet to be published in the main-steam arena, but that is a step to my Yume, my BHAG. Yume, directly translated, means “dream”, but a closer approximation would be “outrageous ambition”. My ambition is pretty outrageous, too out there to even be mentioned there.

On this page, created entirely for my own benefit, I will track my progress and muse on the strange world that is a writer’s head, the publishing industry, and the world in general. I trust no-one is forcing you to read this at gunpoint, but if they do, blink twice in the comments section. I will not be able to help, because I am probably writing.

Everything you read here is entirely my own biased and ill-conceived opinion, no matter how well researched it may seem. If you disagree with me, please do so vocally and in public, so that we may have a discourse that will lead to a higher understanding for us both in a constructivist didactic sense.


A world enlightened by self-discovery


To deliver work worthy of being called great.


Outrageous success is possible through scientific application of the collective experience of mankind.


To investigate all possible angles and to be brave in the application of that knowledge.